Hi there!

Call me GreedyKojiro.  After a few years of doing position trading making 10% to 20% gain a year, I switched to swing and day trade early 2011. I started swing/day trade with a portfolio of $30,000. My goal is to make 100% gain on the first year of swing/day trading. Thus I started this blog to document my trading styles/plans for my future references.

End of 2011 year update, I’ve completed my goal. My portfolio value is $61,537.94 (105.12%). For 2012, my goal won’t be tracking portfolio value but rather tracking trading setup. The new goal will be making fewer trades for higher return and lower failure rate!

If you decide to follow my blog, please note that here is no guarantee in trading. For each outlook, I try to create as many trading plans as possible. But the market has its own will. It could act to the way that I wouldn’t anticipate. Using stop loss, hedge or being on the sideline is a must when you have no idea what to come. Do your own research before following my trading plans.

Trading is an art. Surviving the markets requires skills and following trading good practice. Profits will eventually come when you know how to survive the markets.

Good luck and happy trading!

And last but not least – the disclaimer: The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author and are for recreational purposes only.

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