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Outlook for Dec 6

Today price actions showed bulls weakness. Looked like it is time for the bears to take over the markets after 6 days of hibernating. Below are my guidelines for tomorrow. I’m, however, path A bias.

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Outlook for Dec 5 (updated)

Looked like the S&P 500 created a reversal bar on Friday. Originally I thought of path A. However how the Asian markets react to the news early Monday make me think of a possibility of path B.

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Nov 28 – Dec 2 Summary

What a powerful week for the bulls! The two huge gap ups on Monday and Wednesday put traders who shorted on the wrong side of the market completely. I was one of those. The huge gap ups with no movements … Continue reading

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Average Down and Hedge 101

As mentioned previously on Nov 30, I sold all my longs too early on Monday and missed this week rally. In addition I was a front runner on shorts and trapped with them. My excuse is traders would find harder to exit … Continue reading

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Outlook for Dec 2

Today the S&P 500 couldn’t break up the resistance channel and closed in red. However the bears couldn’t take advantage of the pull back. Tomorrow the Non-Farm Payrolls report will come out. I believe it will decide how the market … Continue reading

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